Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Instant-Video-Sets at The Studio

Instant-Video-Sets are available at The Studio at VCSvideo. These sets are a great solution for producers and creative directors who are without the time or budget for propping and building full-blown custom sets.

The variety of Instant-Video-Sets available gives studio clients quick, economical choices for a number of commonly used studio set ups. On-site set options include a conference room, a living room, executive office, doctor's office, a TV host set, and an interview set. The furniture, props and flats can be mixed and matched to provide a wide variety of looks.

Feel free to bring your own crew, equipment, and production entourage or let us know what you need and we'll supply it. VCSvideo can also provide a choice of more elaborate sets for rental at our Mount Laurel, NJ studio.

For more information contact Pam Carey at 856-273-8800 ext. 104 or visit us at http://www.vcsvideo.com/.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

VCSvideo helps launch
National Children’s Health Study

A ground-breaking National Children’s Health Study is now being promoted in the Philadelphia area through cable television and in-theatre advertising with the help of commercials edited locally by VCSvideo of Mount Laurel, NJ. The promotional spots are seeking volunteers for the study which will examine the effects of environment on the health and development of more than 100,000 children across the United States, following them from before birth through age 21.

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has been selected as one of the Study's Vanguard Centers, and is inviting eligible women and their families living in Montgomery County, PA to participate in the study. Researchers hope to learn more about the causes of a variety of health conditions, including asthma, obesity, diabetes, injuries, and pregnancy-related problems, as well as behavioral, learning, and mental health disorders.

For production of the promotional spot, VCSvideo acquired and recorded the narration talent, created on-screen graphics, customized the spot for local use, and purchased the cable and theatre media time.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

WEB VIDEO…A Powerful Tool in your Marketing Shed

Web videos offer companies and organizations an unprecedented opportunity to boost brand awareness and increase brand loyalty. Well-produced videos designed for posting on your website, social sites and video sharing sites, may be the single most powerful tool in your marketing shed, particularly in the current economic climate where it’s essential to allocate budget dollars where they will have the most impact. With web video, you can humanize and energize your brand image and get the vast outreach of the world-wide web without the financial drain of purchasing expensive traditional media time.

What are top marketers saying about web video, and what are the key elements that make for an effective web video?

According to Geoff Ramsey, founder and CEO of eMarketer, the internet now accounts for 10% of all spending and it’s seeing double-digit growth while other forms are declining. “It’s more cost effective and more accountable, and the ROI of Internet has surpassed broadcast,” he noted at Brand ManageCamp 2008. Ramsey strongly suggested placing videos of your products on your website to provide a more visual experience. He further recommended that brand marketers create webisodes so entertaining that people will return to watch them.

At the same event, David Meerman Scott, best-selling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use News Releases, Blogs, Podcasting, Viral Marketing & Online Media to Reach Your Buyers Directly, also touted the benefits of online video. Scott’s advice… “Don’t think like a marketer or communicator, think like a publisher of interesting content.”

So what makes for an effective web video?

  • The script should be based on a strategic approach that reflects its purpose. It should be clear, concise and entertaining; artfully leading your viewers down the path you wish them to take.

  • If the video is to be part of a collection or an ongoing series, it should be designed with a look and feel that will connect the various segments and take maximum advantage of economies of scale, such as a reusable set or a dynamic program opening.

  • On-camera or narration talent must be chosen to maximize the connection with your audience. Whether the talent will consist of professional actors or company executives, a natural, convincing, energized performance is essential. It’s one of the director’s responsibilities to make sure that happens.

  • The camera work, lighting and audio should look and sound professional.

  • The editing style, graphics and titles should be designed to be dynamic and coordinate with your existing brand elements, and any music should be appropriate to the nature of the segment, consistent with the image of your organization, and be properly licensed to avoid any potential liability.

  • Finally, the video should be properly compressed for its intended web use to ensure its quality and performance.

Here’s some great news. It’s now possible to integrate a customized, branded video content player into your existing website at reasonable cost and with minimal or no effort on the part of your web developer. Your web video player can include a greeting from your CEO, a presentation of your products and services, helpful tips on product use or installation, offer client testimonials and more.

The team at VCSvideo has the expertise and experience to handle all the above.

Call us toll-free at 1.877.VCS-VIDEO (1.877.827.8433) to speak with Producer/Directors Frank Siegel (extension 106) or David Fox (extension 103) to discuss how we can cost-effectively help you achieve your goals with web video.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

VCSvideo honored with two W3 Web Video Awards

Two VCSvideo web productions, Varnishing Oil Paintings and An Offer You Can’t Refuse, were recently recognized for creative excellence in web video production by the W3 Awards. Varnishing Oil Paintings is an instructional video for artists and is part of a web video series produced in conjunction with ColArt USA's Senior Manager, Product Marketing & Technical Services Lynn Pearl, for viewing on the England-based Winsor & Newton website. An Offer You Can’t Refuse is a VCSvideo promotional video which originally debuted on the web at www.anofferyoucantrefuse.info

The W3 Awards honors creative excellence on the web, and recognizes the creative and marketing professionals behind award winning sites, marketing programs, and video work created for the web.

(Click photo to view video clips)
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